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Anointing 2.0 fl.oz. (59.15mL) Discontinued Women-$10.00
Essential 2.0 fl.oz. (59.15mL) Exotic 1/3 fl.oz. (9.86mL)
Exotic 1.0 fl.oz. (30 mL) Fruity 2.0 fl.oz.(59.15mL)
Men's Custom 1/3 fl.oz. (9.86mL) Men's Designer 1/3 fl.oz. (9.86mL)
Men's Designer 1.0 fl.oz. (30 mL) Women's Designer 1/3 fl.oz. (9.86mL)
Women's Designer 1.0 fl.oz. (30mL) Unisex 1/3 fl.oz. (9.86mL)


Our fragrant oils are created with a unique blend of Natural and Synthetic ingredients of the highest quality. They are more concentrated than perfumes and colognes. They are clean, fresh and long lasting, and they contain NO Alcohol! These scents have spawned many imitators with some using the same names but none with the beauty, quality, and lasting freshness of the authentic Pamper U! Body Oil.