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~Men's Custom Line~

Custom Blended by 10 Discerning Male Customers!

I am passion, captivating, alluring and stimulating, I am like a fine wine, gets better with time!, I am for the Man who “Dares to be Different”, I am an afternoon or evening fragrance, that can be worn dressed up or dressed down, I always leave a lasting impression, I am grown and sexy, I will tantalize your senses and will definitely draw people to you. I am created for Kings, I am sexy as an Aston Martin Virage,I am a Proud Man...A Man Who Walks Tall! I pass you, I leave you but I'm not gone...my Scent stays... Until Later!

I am the Pamper U! Men's Custom Line.....

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"UNTIL LATER"â„¢ 1/3 fl. oz (9.86mL) BILAL THE PERFECT BLENDâ„¢ 1/3 fl. oz (9.86mL)
I pass you. I leave you but I'm not gone...my Presence stays...my Fragrance, my Scent...my Essence, my aroma, my Spirit is Roland...feel me Until Later.....GONE!

This is one of our #1 sellers

Blended By Roland Wirt

Scented with a special untouchable blend of woodsy and mellow earth tones. This fragrance is created for Kings!

Blended By Thurston Bilal

DEEP INSIDEâ„¢ 1/3 fl. oz (9.86mL) LOVE SUPREMEâ„¢ 1/3 fl. oz (9.86mL)
I am passion, captivating, alluring, stimulating, all senses-outside and inside, And my scent, like fingerprints leaves a lasting impression, A gentle reminder of a vivid, wonderfully passionate memory that stands the test of time. I am, so very Deep Inside...

This is one of our #1 sellers

Blended By JD Whitmore
Just like a fine wine, my fragrance "Love Supreme" gets better with time! Created for the Man who "Dares to be Different.

Blended By Ben Winbush
PARIS "MILLION DOLLAR  WEEKEND"â„¢ 1/3 fl. oz (9.86mL) QUE'S MIXâ„¢ 1/3 fl. oz (9.86mL)
My swagger and my presence has always brought attention to any room. But! my scent has changed the game.
It is undeniably pleasant, light, airy, sexy, and it attracts attention from Men and Women.
Are you ready for your Million $ Weekend!

Blended By Paris Robertson

My scent is blended and designed for the type of man that has a broad personality."Don't be surprised if you attract unexpected attention."

Blended By Quentyn Redmond
RICKY G'ZZâ„¢ 1/3 fl. oz (9.86mL) SAX APPEALâ„¢ - 1/3fl. oz. (9.86mL)
This grown and sexy scent will tantalize your senses and will definitely draw people to you.

Smells So Good!

Blended By Ricky Gadbury
It's the scent that is as unique as a John Coltrane solo, reflective as a Maya Angelou poem and sexy as an Aston Martin Virage....It's "Sax Appeal"

Blended By Cal Bennett
SHALOM!â„¢ 1/3 fl. oz (9.86mL) WAN'YEâ„¢ 1/3 fl. oz. (9.86mL)
Shalom! Created in memory of Dr. Billy G. Ingram. Blended with two of his favorite oils for a Proud Man...A man Who Walks Tall!

Blended with love, by his twin sons Samuel, Solomon, and sister Taanasa.
For those of unbridled passion, who want to always leave a lasting impression, there is.."Wan 'ye" For those who want to make the most of a spontaneous encounter there should only be "Wan 'ye". "Wan 'ye" The Fragrance...let your inner smooth out.
Blended By Wayne Hemphill