Customer Testimonials

My name is Ricky Gadbury , I've been a customer of Pamper U for over 20 plus years...my dealings and experience with Taanasa's Pamper Parlour has been one of unique high class services and extreme high quality products...Taanasa's Pamper Parlour is one of the classiest upscale businesses I've ever dealt with. To the variety of products available in her store... to the store design and cleanliness of the store, all the way to the customer service which has always been A1 in my book, always making sure your particular needs were met with complete and ultimate satisfaction. Any Location or city would be blessed to have Taanasa's Pamper Parlour functioning in their town. You might ask why I say that? Well, Quality of service and high end products plus her upscale clientele will bring more revenue into the city, Guaranteed!

And just a little footnote to add....I was truly blessed and honored to be featured at her store with my custom fragrance blend called "RickyGzz" (smiling from ear to ear), I am extremely grateful to Her for even opening up and giving me a chance, by letting me share my Fragrance to her clientele and she didn't even ask for anything in return. What a BIG heart! Thank you Mz. Taanasa Emoji

Once your body vibes with Pamper U! Body Oils...You will loose the desire to wear cologne!
Phillip Bailey...Earth, Wind & Fire! Customer for 17 years!

"I love my oils, they change my whole enviroment at home" Rosalind Kemp, Los Angeles. Customer for 20 years!

"Pamper U! Oils complete me!" Deva Summers, Atlanta-Customer for 10 Years!

If I had a $1.00 for every compliment I've received since 2011, I would have my retirement money-Aaron Byrd, Los Angeles. Customer for 4 years!

"Pamper U! Body Oils are like a drug....I always need my fix!" Roland Wirt, Los Angeles. Customer for 25 years!

I have been very fortunate to have been using Pamper U! Products from its inception. The fragrances are natural and very vibrant. Pamper U! Blends the most unique scents on the planet. Check out...Sax Appeal the fragrance! Cal Bennett, Los Angeles. Customer for 25 years!

I Love going to Taanasa's Pamper Parlour she has blended the finest oils and bath and body care products around the globe with Love, and the Vibe and spirit is very special! I love the fact that I could make my own scent..."Bilal The perfect Blend"! Thank You Taanasa! Thurston Bilal, Los Angeles. Customer for 23 years!

I have traveled all over the world, and I can truly say that no one carries body oils like Pamper U! Jerry Goldstein, New York. Customer 17 years!