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“Pamper U!” a fine collection of bath and body care products, body and burning oils, scented candles and a home fragrance line. The collection includes air fresheners, bath gels, bubble baths, body mist, body scrubs, facial care, foot care, lavender & hemp seed oil, linen sprays, lotions, shea butter, soaps, sweet almond oil and more. These products have been tried and tested over a 20 year period, and each comes with the highest recommendations from our customers.

Pamper U! body oils are made of synthetic and natural ingredients and, are alcohol free! Our oils are more concentrated than perfumes and colognes. They are well known clean, fresh, long lasting. These scents have spawned many imitators—some using the same names but none with the beauty, quality, and lasting freshness of the authentic Pamper U! Body Oil.

Pamper U! offers a large variety of unscented "Paraben Free" products. Each is produced under the strictest standards of quality and safety and with no animal testing. Our bath and body care products can be custom scented on the spot with any of our fragrant body oils.

Our “Scent-U-ous” candles will light up the shadows and create an atmosphere conducive to intimacy, romance and meditation. With the addition of one or more of our scents, you can create an ambiance of relaxation or simply close your eyes, take in the fragrance and conjure up sweet, lasting memories.

I love good scents and I am very passionate about not smelling bad ones. I take pride in “how GOOD I smell” and you should too!

“Smell Sexy For Yourself”
Taanasa Ingram


Why Do Many Competitors Sell Oils At Cheaper Prices Then Pamper U!?

There are 3 grades of oils. Grade A top of the line. Grade B Alcohol added. Grade C Alcohol and cologne base added. Pamper U! sells nothing but top of the line "Grade A" oils. The cheaper the grade the less expensive. Pamper U! is known for the finest uncut, Alcohol free oils.

So, the old adage holds... "You get what you pay for"!!

Does The Thickness or Thinness of Pamper U! Oils Affect The Quality of the Oil?

The thickness or thinness has absolutely nothing to do with oil quality. For example, Egyptian Musk is one of the thickest oils blended. However, it is a very mild fragrance, and it is true to it's scent. In contrast, Arabian Rosa is extremely thin in texture, but extremely strong in fragrance.

The notion that the thicker the oil, the stronger the scent is truly a misconception!

Why Does The Color Of Oil Seem To Change From Time To Time?

Depending on the crop season oils will differ in color. Since most oils are blended with natural ingredients, the time of year will have bearing on the color.

What is The Shelf Life Of Pamper U! Oils?

Since our oils do not contain alcohol, water or cologne base, the problem of evaporation does not exist. As long as the oils are kept away from extreme heat and sunlight, they will last for a very, very, long time. However the color may change. Some oils even get richer in scent-which is called marrying or maturing. Pamper U! oils have been tried and tested for many years
and they still maintain their richness and strength...
"Like a fine wine...They just get better with time"!!


If you would like to purchase samples, please email your request to customers@pamperu.net. The limit is 4 samples per order. At $1.00 each Sample.