In 1988, Taanasa Ingram visited The Body Shop in Berkeley, California, several times. Once she experienced their body oils and bath and body care products she knew that she was in love with fragrances, and that one day she would have her own body care shop. Two years later Taanasa met a chemist, in San Francisco, who not only created a unique fragrance just for her, he taught her everything he knew about fragrant oils. That chemist is one that she still uses today and that fragrance, is still one of her top selling scents! For a while,the fragrance remained a secret among Taanasa’s loyal following of family and friends but, people would ask “what’s that lovely fragrance you’re wearing?” Hearing that question so often lead Taanasa to start selling her fragrance out of the trunk of her car and later, she set up a booth at the first Black Expo in Los Angeles, where she sold out completely! In response to this demand Taanasa started hosting fragrance parties at the homes of relatives and at various venues in the Los Angeles area. She eventually turned the dinning room of her home into a small store for customers and from there the concept of "Taanasa’s Pamper Parlour” emerged. Taanasa eventually added fragrances, bath gels, bubble baths and lotions to her line. As the word spread and business began to grow, she was delivering her products to customers located all over Los Angeles and in 1997 she began to sell her products in the bookstore of her church. In 1999, from these humble beginnings, Taanasa’s Pamper Parlour was opened on Manchester Avenue in Inglewood , California. The Parlour offered “Pamper U!” brand of products, as well as unique gifts, massages, a nutritionist, and manicures and pedicures. In 2005, Taanasa moved her business to the garage of her home where it operates today as solely a Fragrance and Bath and Body Care Shop. Since the move, Taanasa has broadened her line to include Home Fragrances, Candles, Air Fresheners, Linen Sprays, Body Mist, Body Scrubs, Sea Salts, Shea Butter and more.The goal is to move to a centrally located area, with great parking and, lots of foot traffic.

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